Our expertise in design of medium and low temperature refrigeration systems extend to a full gambut of applications.

In Process and Product Cooling - be it Air, Liquid or Solids

Chilled Water and Glycol Systems, including Dx Oil Coolers

Our Air-cooled and Water-cooled Liquid Chillers are designed to operate under demanding environment to meet process needs. We also have in our portfolio Direct Oil Coolers capable of operating with Hydraulic oil and Cutting fluids used in machining.


Typical Features on our systems include:

  • Hermetic & Semi-Hermetic Compressors from leading manufacturer of compressors.
  • Fully Packaged Units with weather proof enclosures.
  • Air-cooled and Water-cooled Condensors designed for demanding tropical ambients.
  • Option of Brazed Plate PHE or Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger.
  • Available for Liquid temperatures down to -20degC.
  • Built-in Primary Pump for liquid circulation.
  • Built-in Liquid buffer tank in Stainless Steel.
  • Full safety interlocked Electrical Panel with micro-processor controller.

Refrigeration Equipment for Chill & Freezer Rooms, Blast Freezers

We provide complete Cold Storage Refrigeration Solutions. Air-cooled and Water-cooled Condensing Units incorporating new generation Compressors operating on eco-friendly refrigerants coupled with Medium and Low Temperature Unit Coolers along with requisite Electricals.

Typical Features on our systems include:

  • Hermetic & Semi-Hermetic Compressors from leading manufacturer of compressors.
  • Condensing Units with full weather proof enclosures designed for demanding tropical ambients.
  • Designed For Cold Store temperatures down to -30degC.
  • Unit Coolers with robust construction and fans capable of required air-delivery and reach.
  • Hot Gas and electric defrost options for low temperature systems.
  • Electric Valve options for precise room temperature control.
  • Controller options for remote monitoring and access.

Climate Control Systems

ELECTRONS designed and built a sophisticated Climate Control System for India's leading Automotive braking systems manufacturer, for their Brake Dyno Test Rig with temperature ranging from -20degC to +30degC with Humidity Control, Air Velocity control. The system was based on Electric Expansion Valves for precise control based on a PLC platform besides Frequency Drive control of compressors for reduced operating costs.

ELECTRONS is always ready for the challenge in Design and Build of Custom Engineered Systems to meet the exacting requirements of our clients.

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