Product Cooling  

Key to any manufacturing is Process & Product Cooling. Controlled cooling to the requisite conditions maximise throughput besides providing consistent product quality and resultant rejection elimination, enhanced shelf life in the food manufacture and processing industries

Automated systems provide the advantage of improved process flow within the manufacturing area, reduced manual handling and cold storage requirements, therefore saving money.

We have solutions ranging from Small batch static systems to fully automated handling systems to match your process requirement.

Years’ of dedicated work has enabled us to develop the expertise to undertake complete aspects of the project including Mechanicals, Electrical & Instrumentation, to ensure seamless delivery with single point responsibility.

Bakery Products, Cream Sandwiched Biscuits & Wafers, Chocolates, Candy & Energy bars, Dairy Products, Cereal Grains Vegetables, Marine Foods, Engineering Components.

In response to the needs of major Biscuit manufacturers in India we designed and built Cooling Tunnels for continuous cooling of Cream Sandwich biscuits over a conveyor.

We build Cooling Tunnels with conveyor working width from 300mm to 1800mm and Cooling lengths of 4.8metre to over 30metre. The Conveyors are provided with auto tensioning arrangement for the belts as also auto tracking through pneumatic means. The conveyor deck is of Stainless Steel. Features required for a typical hygienic food application are provided as standard.

Our Cooling Tunnels come with Product Coolers and matching remote condensing units in water cooled and air cooled versions with full safety Electrical Panel.

The tunnels are of PUF insulation with a choice of Stainless Steel Skin and Galvanised Steel (painted) Skin.

ELECTRONS Cooling Tunnels are operational with leading Biscuit and Chocolate manufacturers.

We have also provided a Cooling Tunnel based solution to a leading Engineering company to solve their In-process cooling problem, thus saving on large amount of space and money.

Features of Cooling Tunnel

  • Stainless-steel or GSS construction
  • PUF Insulated lift off tunnel canopies
  • AC drive Variable speed conveyor system
  • Heavy duty Food grade conveyor belting
  • Conveyor belt width from 300mm to 1800mm
  • Digital temperature control (2 cooling zones or more as required)
  • PLC based Control Panel Optional
  • Working voltage is 400V, 3 phase, 50Hz, AC
  • Eco Friendly Refrigerant
  • Easy to clean components
  • Low Humidity Design

Our expertise in providing Conveyorised Cooling solutions is also extended to different types of product carrying belts, including Spiral Conveyors and plate link conveyors for bulk food handling.

Give us your need and be sure to be fitted up with a solution that meets up with your requirement.

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